Plug and Play Basic Viper

Lock/Unlock & Door Monitoring

Basic Viper Alarm made Plug and Play for your car. Available for MKIV / SC300 / Soarer / GS300 - all LHD/RHD. No damage to your harness. Utilizing OEM connectors throughout. Can be equipped with GPS tracker which can also kill the car thru text-message.
Add GPS +200 USD

Plug and Play Remote-Start Viper

Lock/Unlock & Monitoring & Remote-start

High-End system from Viper made Plug and Play so your OEM harness remains intact. Available with different FOBs. Available for MKIV / SC300 / Soarer / GS300 - all LHD/RHD. GPS can be added as well. Click below for details.
Starting at 700 USD

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Big-Boy Kit

Make your car feel 2020 - RFID entry, Push-to-Start, GPS tracking

The ultimate in convenience and protection. RFID entry, Push-to-Start makes your car feel like a brand new vehicle. GPS tracker is standard and can kill the car via text-message. Backup-battery included, so GPS works constantly. Separate backup for Siren as well. System will text you if power is unplugged as well.
Available for MKIV / SC300 / Soarer / GS300 - all LHD/RHD
Several FOBs available, click below

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