Full Digital Plug and Play Cluster


- Plug'n'Play harnesses:

• No cutting, splicing, etc - Absolutely no damage to your existing harness

• Available for LHD/RHD MPH/KMH

• 3 pins need to be connected to your ECU (CAN H+L and 1 input)

• Currently available for ProEFI / AEM / ECUMaster / Haltec / Motec M150 ! Contact me if you have another ECU.

- Perfect accuracy

• Your fuel-level is now digital and can be calibrated to compensate for multiple pumps, etc

• Speedometer is now also fully calibratable. 100% accuracy even after extreme wheel-swaps.

- Ultimate response

• No more digital/mechanical conversion. Needle response is instant and true to actual engine data

- Unlimited customization

• This system is designed, built and coded to automotive-industry-standards. This is not a "drag and drop" design-kit. I can access and desplay over 150 data-points so whatever you have in mind, it can be done. Please note this is not a free service.

- Standards display items include:

• Default mode: Fuel-level, Coolant-temp, Oil-temp, IAT, Tacho, Speedo

• Race-mode: Coolant-temp, Oil-temp, Oil-pressure, Fuel-pressure, Tacho, Boost, Speedo, A/F-ratio

• Every display can be set to default/race individually and there is a fourth "race-button" that switches ALL gauges to race-mode "temporarily" (and then back to whatever you set as your default)

• The left display has all inputs for Hi-Beam, Brake, Cruise, Low Oil Level and Trac Active

• Every display can be dimmed individually for both day and night-driving


- Main cluster with connectors
- Plug'n'Play harness to ECU (you need to insert pins into the ECU)
- 4-button switch for mounting under steering wheel (membrane switch, fully invisible when installed)


For orders, please email matt@TRDSupracluster.com

Full Demo

Data streaming

Design Switching

Tacho detail