TRD Clusters & HVAC-LED-conversion

Service Description

Your instrument will be fully disassembled and all faces replaced with TRD in OEM quality. Every instrument will be re-calibrated to OEM specification. The illumination will be replaced with LED including needle-illumination. Should your needles be faded, they will be restored in OEM finish. No part of your cluster will be damaged. The entire swap is plug-and-play. I have all faces for S1 and S2 available. KMH and MPH. Conversion from KMH to MPH are also possible.
HVAC conversion includes new LEDS for status and background illumination (many colors available) and new OEM buttons
Popular question: My Stu Hagen cluster is inaccurate, can you help? YES. It is meanwhile well-known that Stu Hagan flodded the market with cheap made-in-China faces without understanding how to properly calibrate the instrument. In most cases your instrument can be re-calibrated and restored to proper working order. Unfortunately he also cuts the back-plates of your instrument and those plates are not available separately. It is not an issue for function but of course takes away value from the car.


  • LHD conversion: 850 USD
  • RHD S1: 850 USD
  • RHD S2: 950 USD
  • Shipping to me as well as from me to you is on the buyer. Please make sure you insure the cluster properly.
  • HVAC conversion: 275 USD

Stu Hagen "accuracy" debunked

Top instrument = original TRD, bottom + Stu-Hagen conversion

Stu Hagen damage and comparison

After repairing several Stu conversions I noticed many broken (discontinued) backplates. You get what you pay for.

Exposing Johnny "the bartender" Pircher

It has come to my attention that this guy, located somewhere in Europe, is badmouthing my work to gain customers. I build a custom cluster for someone in Switzerland.
It seems Johnny thinks this is "his territory" and told my customer "he can do it better". The unfortunate result is below... draw your own conclusion. You get what you pay for.

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