Big-Boy kit

Big-Boy kit

- Plug'n'Play harnesses with Toyota connectors throughout:
•95+ cars are completely Plug'n'Play: Disconnect OEM connector and insert the patch harness.
•For 93/94 all but 2 connectors are truly Plug'n'Play (just disconnect OEM plug and insert the patch-harness). Due to connector-availability (or lack thereof), three wires have to be re-pinned and I supply the correct pins/connectors. There is NO damage to the OEM harness whatsoever.
•For any other vehicle, please inquire about availability of connectors
•This system features Toyota connectors throughout to "blend in" with existing connections

- RFID keyless entry and start-button
•no more pushing buttons to lock/unlock the door. The antennas are optimized for the MKIV chassis: walk towards the car with the FOB in your pockets and the doors unlock, walk away and the car locks and confirms with horn/turn signals
•no more key: with the RFID FOB on you, press the start button once to power ACC, twice for ON, and lastly push it while stepping on the brake pedal and the car starts. You can also just step on the pedal and push the button once and the car starts right away. The status is always confirmed by color of the button-ring
•Have a high compression car, a weak starter or doing a compression-test? Keep your thumb on the button and the car keeps cranking. We thought about the MKIV-owner's needs!
•Beautiful OEM style key-fob. The times of cheap Viper-alarm-remotes are over! You can choose from 3 FOB-styles (see pictures)

- GPS tracking & kill-switch
•The GPS unit works on 2G/3G simcards and is tested with "USMOBILE" (for USA) - 100MB of GRPS, which is enough for a month easily, comes in at 4 USD!
•You can kill the car via text-message should someone somehow be able to drive away with it

- Backup-batteries included
•This system includes backup-batteries should a thief try to disconnect the main battery - the system will also automatically send you a text-message about the alarm and keep updating you about location, etc
•Backup-battery charging circuit: Since a good amount of MKIV owners keep the car parked a lot, we physically disconnect the backup-battery so the main battery doesn't get drained. The backup-battery ONLY charges when ignition is on!
•The siren has its own backup battery as well, so should somebody tinker with the car, it will keep making noise too.

- Alarm features, OEM compatibility and low standby current
•The system secures both doors, the trunk-lid and hood and also includes a vibration/tilt-sensor, should anybody try to tow the car. As mentioned before the main-battery is also monitored.
•The OEM anti-theft box remains completely intact and has no interference, in fact, we use it to sound the alarms!
•With MKIV owners in mind, I used only low-power relays and optimized the circuit several times: The entire system (including locked GPS) comes in at about 55mA standby-current with the car locked/armed. After 48hours the RFID antennas shut off reducing "drain" to under 45mA.

- Customizable outputs (optional):
•I know MKIV-guys love features: I designed a separate relay circuit that gives you two time-adjustable outputs that are triggered when locking/unlocking the car: I use it to fold in the mirrors for example. Those outputs are cross-connection-proof, meaning that when "lock" is triggered and you unlock the car, the output cannot instantly switch as to not damage whatever is connected (important for folding mirrors!). A second press of "lock" will stop and reset the output and "unlock" can be triggered.
•Since the key-fobs all include a trunk-button, we included an output on the system as well. This output can be positive or negative and you can use it at your convenience.
Since the start-button is located where the OEM key-cylinder is, the key-cylinder has to be either removed or a key inserted to disengage steering-lock. I supply THREE BLANK TOYOTA keys with the kit!

- Main unit with RFID antennas
- Plug'n'Play harness for your vehicle
- Shock/Tilt-sensor
- GPS unit with GSM/GPS antenna
- 2 FOBS per your choice
- External siren
- 3 blank, short Toyota keys


"Big Boy" Alarm basic functionality demonstration