Scams and Supra-related idiocy

Get some insight how people lie and how to use morons to spread those lies

In 18 years of being involved in the Supra-community I've seen it almost all. But recently it got really bad, so here are some lies exposed. Attached are the original Facebook-message chains, so you get the picture. Since the messages are downloaded directly from FB, you need to read it from the BOTTOM UP.

Jimmy Nguyen and the burning alarm system

The cliffnotes: Jimmy purchased 2 big alarms claiming he owns a shop. He received them, installed them. His "customer" messaged me asking how much it was, since he is paying for them. Also thanked me and confirmed everything is working fine. Two weeks later, Jimmy hit me up for returns because customer doesnt like it. I declined since I don't take random returns for custom built systems. Few days later he messaged me claiming "the system caught on fire". I offered to check it out (even tho his claim is nonsense) but I asked for tracking# so I can open the package in front of witnesses. Never heard from him again. (Assuming his customer didn't pay him or he tried to rip of his customer. unsure.) Either way, he is now violently spreading lies about me.

The messages: Jimmy Jimmy's customer

Jonathan Hodge - the complaining customer that was never a customer

The cliffnotes: Short and sweet: Jonathan bought one of my systems second-hand. It was installed in a car, the car was sold. The new owner removed the system since he did an OEM restoration and re-sold the system to Jonathan. The previous owner contacted me whether he can link my name to the for-sale-ad to assist the buyer and I agreed. Jonathan purchased the system (for 1/3 retail) and it turns out it was missing connectors, etc. He asked me for help and I told him the system needs to be shipped to me so I can properly asses it and replace/complete what is missing. He initially agreed but then kept playing around with it. I told him I don't want any responsibily for his experiements and probably damage to his car's electronics. The next day I find myself banned from a Supra-group because I tried to rip him off or something.

The messages: Jonathan

Honorable mentions

Steve Outterbridge, Stephan Brown & 2JZ Discussion group admins: It is always a sign of intelligence and qualification as an admin when you ban a long-standing member over an unproven accusation and not listen to both sides. My hat is off to you.

Bobby Singh: Arguably the dumbest "admin" in the Supra-world. Has absolutely zero insight about any situation, but keeps on spreading disproven lies.

Matt Doink: I frankly have no idea who this guy is, but he randomly flooded me with idiocy. I think that's worth a mention