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This page serves as an overview for my most popular Toyota/Lexus items
I've been building and servicing Toyota Supra MKIVs for the last 18+ years. From simple TRD gauge cluster swaps to custom build prototype-projects like PnP 850HP OEM Twin Turbos to full restorations and builds - I've done it all. Every project is unique and requires personal advice and consultation, so there is no "shop" on this page. Every item is build by hand and thorougly tested before delivery.
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IMPORTANT UPDATE 6/17/2021: I'm currently have a backlog of about 7-10days due to pending orders!


-> Auto-Logger for PROEFI

-> Dual gauge for MKIV OEM clock position

Toyota Supra MKIV 1000HP TRD


OEM to TRD cluster conversion - OEM quality & TRD look.

Product Page TRD

Plug and Play Alarm systems

From basic Viper to full custom Push-to-Start

Product Page Alarms

LED Tail-lights

Custom build LED Tail-lights for MKIV

Product Page Taillights

LED Turn Signals

Custom built Turn-Signals for MKIV

Product Page Turn-Signals

Cluster-Service includes:

- Replacement of all faces
- Recalibration of all instruments
- Full LED illumination
- Needle color restoration
# HVAC-LED-conversion:
- full LED for status-lights
- full LED-illumination
- new OEM buttons

Viper Kits

# Basic kit: lock/unlock + door monitoring
# Remote-start kits: lock/unlock + door monitoring + remote start, several FOBs available
# all systems can be equipped with a GPS tracker

Big Boy Kit

- fully key-less
- RFID entry-system
- push-to-start
- GPS tracker
- text-to-kill (send message to system to kill car)

LED lights

- fully plug and play
- High quality LED modules
- OEM fit and finish
- LED Flasher relay included

"Big Boy" Alarm basic functionality

Toyota Supra TRD Cluster conversion 10k Tacho

TRD clusters

LHD / RHD / mph / kmh / S1 / S2 / Fahrenheit / Celcius - all available


Toyota Supra Push to Start System

Big Boy start-button example

Push-to-Start engineered to OEM standards

Big-Boy kit


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